Using Multi-field to remove quotes in Alteryx

I stumbled across this handy formula.

Let’s say we have data that looks like this


First thing I need to do is ‘Text to Columns’ to split the subject and level apart


Split to 2 columns by a ‘comma’ ,. Now the data looks like below.


We can remove the first field, but we need to remove the quotes around both the subject and level. Notice how they are both different. The subject has double quotes and the level only has single quotes. The next tool and formula will solve this. Let’s add the multi-field formula tool


In this we want to select the 2 text fields we want to remove the quotes from. Untick the copy to new field button. Then in the formula bar use the following phrase


Your set up of this tool should look like below


If we add a browse and run the workflow, we can see what that formula has just done. Field 11 and Field 12 are what we selected to remove the quotes from


Hope this helps



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