I’m a little Data Schooler in a deep Tableau sea | Part 1 : Pre-Conference Build-up

This is part of a blog series I am about to write on my journey leading up to and post Tableau conference.

Part 1 : Pre-Conference Build-up

Some of you may ask what is a ‘Data Schooler’. Well we are students at The Information Lab and are part of The Data School. We go through intensive training in Tableau and Alteryx for 4 months and are taught by the best of the best! The Information Lab are amazing. When we have finished our training we then embark on three six month placements at various clients and companies, ranging from the financial sector to higher education.


I felt at the time we leave the training we are a medium fish in a largish pond. How my impressions change over time.

Whilst The Data School is so intense, once you leave you have learnt so much and want to put it all into practice and want to do cool things. But with placements I found it hard to get that personal motivation to do vizzes. I found myself doing other things and drifting away from building my personal brand. You think that your personal brand doesn’t matter, but in fact it really does. You get recognised by what you do and how you do it!

I was hoping to get to the Tableau on Tour Conference but in the end I couldn’t make it. I saw a lot of tweets and pictures, and I had a heart breaking feeling of I had missed out, it was at that moment that I booked to go to #Data16 in Austin! I booked the conference extremely late but I do not regret booking and going (Part 2)

Month before #Data16

So a month before I started to get really nervous but excited about the adventure that was #Data16. I read numerous blogs by people of the community. To name a few Carl Allchin‘s ‘Why Invest in the Conference’,  Paul Chapman‘s Everything you need to know to prepare for the Tableau Conference 2016 #data16′ and finally Jonathan Drummey‘s ‘Tableau Padawan – Getting the Most Out of Tableau Conference 2016 #TC16’. All of these blogs and many more helped me feel confident about going to the conference.

Also The Information Lab’s own Craig Bloodworth wrote Get Ready for DATA16′. Using this blog I was able to create my own session planning viz which can be seen below.

Click the image to interact


After I created this viz, I used this to plan what sessions I was going to attend, where they were and how long it would take me to get to each session.


As I boarded the plane, I was finally ready for the adventure I was about to embark on.

Next is Part 2 : #Data16

  • What I expected
  • What happened
  • Highlights

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