Tenth Day of Tableau – Favourite Tips

Tableau is a tool that is easy to learn and difficult to master. There is always more to learn. Fortunately, the Tableau community is constantly sharing its knowledge through blog posts. Check out some of our favorite tips from the community below!

  1. Tired of Alaska and Hawaii pulling at your map? Maybe the size of the states is not particularly important to your analysis, and you want to be able to see Rhode Island as easily as Texas. Check out Matt Chambers’s technique for creating hex maps in Tableau.
  2. Small Multiples! If you are a fan of small multiples but do not know where to get started, check out Chris Love’s guide to create a dynamic small multiple dashboard and Andy Kriebel’s Tableau Tip Tuesday
  3. If you are looking for a way to compare ranks over time, look no further than Matt’s bump chart. Learn how to create a bump chart in Tableau.
  4. One of my personal favorites, Curtis Harris shows you how to get the most of your dashboard real estate by using dashboard actions to drill down into greater details like a viz in a tooltip. Or if you find a video easier watch this.
  5. Looking to add a bit of extra flair to your dashboard? Josh Tapley shows you how to create transparent images quickly and easily in PowerPoint to add to your dashboard.
  6. Need even more flair? Pooja Gandhi talks about text in her blog showing you how to make your dashboard #Poojatastic, boarders and text boxes that really pop!
  7. Rody Zakovich, a tip master, uses his extensive knowledge to push Tableau to new limits. His entire blog is filled with tips– some simple, some complex. Here he shows how to create a step chart without any data padding.
  8. Unicode characters can be added anywhere text can be added in Tableau. Jeff shows you how to use Unicode characters in Tableau. As a bonus, check out Benjamin Moss’s post on creating a custom color legend that uses a unicode arrow indicator.
  9. Going beyond ‘Show me’ series by Ken Flerlage is a great set of blogs. The first one is all about the X & Y. Number 2 is using Trigonometry and finally Parametric Equations. Now not everyone is a Maths Genius, but this series walks you through step by step and how to apply these theories in Tableau.
  10. Finally if you want a reference for a lot of tips, Jeffrey Shaffer has kindly put together this website www.tableaureferenceguide.com. Where every tip imaginable is stored in one easy place. And you can also make suggestions to add tips to the list!

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