Twelfth Day of Tableau – Featured Vizzes

2017 was an incredible year for the entire Tableau Public community. Each of your vizzes continue to inspire and challenge us to improve. Below Lorna and I each showcase our 12 favorite vizzes from Tableau Public in 2017 (in no particular order). Happy New Year!

Corey’s Top Twelve:

Lilach.pngTate Collection’s artwork dimensions visualized
Lilach Manheim


The Money Fight-Mayweather vs McGregor
Matt Chambers


Bridget Winds Cogley


Where the bikes are stolen?
Rob Radburn


#DuoDare 4 – Nutrition in Your Food
Pooja Gandhi


Tom O’Hara

2017 MLB Pitcher Heatmaps
Jacob Olsufka


Lorna Eden


Endangered Tigers – Cats Without A Home – Tableau
Russell Spangler



Recreational Visits to National Parks (1966-2016)
Chantilly Jaggernauth


Cyclical Nature of Solar Eclipses
Adam Crahen


Rody Zakovich


Lorna’s Top Twelve:


Vizforsocialgood – AYMN

Nisa Mara



The Cerebro Project

Josh Tapely


Average Childbirth Age in the USA

Average Age for Childbirth in the USA

Sarah Bartlett



March Madness Upsets

Corey Jones


Grocery Price Dashboard

How much is your cart?

Brittany Fong


The Demise of the Bee.png

The Demise of the Bee

Mark Bradbourne


Pi Art

The Beauty of Pi

Ken Flerlage


Wimbledon's Champions

Wimbledon’s Champions

Filippo Mastroianni



Polygon Pop Art

Laura Peterson



Dunkin’ Donuts v Starbuck

Sherry Shen


Main Dashboard.png

Women’s March – There is Power in Numbers

Chantilly Jaggernauth



Madrid In Detail

Pablo Saenz de Tejada


We can’t wait to see what vizzes get produced in 2018! There has already been some fantastic ones!



We would like to thank you all for tuning into our blog series. Keep a look out for our joint project (when we finally decide). We wish you all the best for 2018- keep up with those goals! See you all at #TC18



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