When Corey and I did the Twelve Days of Tableau blog series, we mentioned starting a project. It’s only took us 6 months to figure something out, BUT we think we finally have something…

It was #NationalDonutDay on the 1st June 2018 and we saw people sharing donut-inspired vizzes. This sparked an idea. After finding a website called daysoftheyear.com which highlights national days for practical every single day of the year (abeit some pretty obscure).

We know what you are thinking, a viz everyday– ambitious. We agree, so for now, we are going to choose one themed day a month and find/build a relevant data set and produce a viz on that topic. Some months might be fun, for example #InternationalJokeDay (1st July 2018), and some months might be a more serious topic to help raise awareness.

This month we chose, today, 14th June 2018, World Blood Donor Day. We both looked independently for data and helped each other along the way, seeking feedback where possible.

Lorna’s Thought process:

I wanted to raise awareness on blood donations. Seeing what blood type you can donate to really helps. I didn’t realise that if you’re O- you can only receive blood from another O- and the same with AB-. It’s fascinating to see the different type of donations you can do. I also wanted to mainly focus on an infographic style, that follows a story/flow- What and Who. What is Blood Donation and the types of blood, what are the different types of donations I could make, and who would the type of donations help especially with a specific blood type.

Here is Lorna’s Final Project:
World Blood Donor Day

Corey’s thought process:

I found an interesting data set on Wikipedia which showed the distribution of blood types by country. Also included was the worldwide distribution. I decided to use the world as the baseline and compare individuals countries to the world. My analysis starts by using Ken’s sankey template for two purposes, first to show which blood types can give/receive blood from each other, and second, to highlight the other visuals on the dashboard based on a selection. The rest of the dashboard focuses on what percentage of the population could you give or receive blood to/from in a specific country based blood type. While there are many other important factors to determine eligibility, such as personal health, this simplified approach shows the prevalent of blood types by country. A parameter allows you to focus on countries that have notable differences from the world. I chose to use story points because the chart types are a bit complex and I wanted to, as best as possible, provide a guided narrative to the reader.

Here is Corey’s Final Project:


In the future Corey promises to finish the project earlier to allow us to give personalised feedback in addition to our own though process :).

We will be choosing next months day shortly. So watch this space!


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