We are back again. This month for our #NationalDayProject we have chosen to focus on the UN International Day of Friendship (30th July). Again we both took two different approaches to this topic.

Lorna decided to focus on her life through Facebook, she doesn’t use Facebook as much as she used to but the data you can pull off is really valuable (and a little bit freaky). Corey decided to focus on Twitter friends — specifically those shared by both Corey & Lorna.


Corey’s Viz:

In the spirit of International Day of Friendship, I wanted to celebrate our international friendship, Lorna. I decided to take a look at what our friendship looks like through the eyes of Twitter. [As I type this, I am thinking another interesting analysis would be the delay in responses to each other’s messages due to time-zones (we can save that for another time).] Back to my viz — I used a tool called twiangulate to triangulate our friendship. This site looks at 2 accounts and determines the accounts they are both following. It also gives some metadata on the followed accounts. I used this data to answer a few key questions — where are the people generally located? Who are some of the most influential people we follow? And what do these people have in common? I think starting with key questions and using the data to dig into those questions is a great way to build a dashboard (and sometimes I even put the key questions in the titles of the worksheets, like here):

Friends Final

Lorna’s Feedback:

When I heard what Corey was doing this project about I was like woah this is cool. I love how Corey has used both of our accounts to look at the commonalities. Unbelievable that we have 180 common friends. That will certainly grow over time. Seeing what words connect people and the most common words is fascinating.I like how Corey has kept the design simple, using colour to highlight different things. Like software vs people. I love the analysis that has gone into this piece of work. Great Job Corey… and that’s why you won the Iron Viz Feeder comp hehe.



Lorna’s Viz:

Facebook is all about friends. So I wanted to look at how I interact with my friends on Facebook. I looked at how my friends list increases during certain life events. I also noticed that I accepted some friends at obscene times during a day. I like seeing how my behaviour has changed in what I do on Facebook. I am more likely to comment on someone else’s post than my own, because I don’t post my own very often. And I love seeing how many people post on my timeline in my birthday month compared to the rest of the time.

International Day of Friendship.png

Corey’s Feedback:

This is a fun analysis!! Lorna took a ton of data and distilled it into some key insights. I love how Lorna used references at the top to highlight major changes to her life — those step lines are looking good, Tableau! The entire dashboard is packed with analysis — the change from commenting on her own posts to others is a great insight and one of my favorites here. I think Lorna uses color effectively in the last chart to highlight the birthday month and show a very clear pattern in the up-tick of comments, and overall the color matches the Facebook branding. Very nice job, Lorna!


Thanks for pushing me (Lorna) on this month’s project, this time I was a little slack. But looking forward to the next one already. I think we may even have two next month? What do you say Corey?


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