This month we decided to focus on Punctuation Day. We use punctuation in every day life. Texting, Tweeting and Blogging all requires punctuation, as without it the reader will not take a breath!

We are taught from such an early age about punctuation (Although my gramma isn’t great – Lorna).



I thought I would look at all punctuation marks. I found a website dedicated to this day. I wanted to see how many of each mark was present in a section of text. I found the punctuation song, which describes all punctuation. But you can also add your own text to see how your punctuation varies.

I did everything in Tableau. I used a calculation per punctuation to be able to count it.

LEN(REPLACE([Song or enter own Text],’question mark’,’?’)) –
LEN(REPLACE(REPLACE([Song or enter own Text],’question mark’,’?’),”?”,””))

What this does, is makes sure the text version of the punctuation mark is also counted. It finds the length of the whole text string, then finds the length of the string minus that particular character, and minus them from each other to get the length of that character. Pretty neat!

Punctuation Day

C – I love Lorna’s design — it feels like right out of a notebook. I think the black and white is a great choice. This is a very clever dashboard and invites the user to go find and article or tweet and look at the distribution of punctuation. A bit hidden, but the use of URL action to read more about each punctuation type takes this dashboard from being fun to also being a great resource packed with information. Nice job, Lorna — looking forward to seeing you next month at #TC18!


As the excitement for #TC18 grows, I decided to look at the most excited tweets from Tableau Conference 2017. This was made possible by Mark Bradbourne, and the #data17 data set he built last year — major hat tip to him.

I learned over 1/3 of the tweets sent during TC17 contained an exclamation point. It was most common to use a single exclamation points, but nine tweets featured 5 or more exclamation points!!!!! Not surprising, many of the tweets came during (or leading up to) the keynotes.


L – I think Corey’s Viz is very on point right now, especially with #TC18 just around the corner. What I love about this viz is the simplicity of it and how he focused in on one element of punctuation. I like how Corey has stuck with the Twitter blue theme. The interactivity of the viz is simple but nice, seeing when the excitement occurred over time. I wonder if you can do a comparison after next month to see if there is more excitement? I would of liked to be able to see the tweets on click! Like what were those 9 tweets with more than 5 exclamation points? Overall great design as always! I cannot wait to see you next month! Oh and also Corey is taking part in #IronViz this year! I know who I’m routing for!


Let’s go Corey, Let’s Go!!?-(;]…”[:).’



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