#TableauTipTuesday Week 41 – Market Basket Matrix

This week I was tasked with a challenge on how to show which services were brought with which other services. This brings me this weeks Tableau Tip Tuesday. I show you how to create a Market Basket Matrix in Tableau. How many Orders purchased have the same combinations of Sub-Categories.


2 thoughts on “#TableauTipTuesday Week 41 – Market Basket Matrix

  1. suman kumar says:

    Thank you for all the amazing blogs and posts.

    what is the meaning of 11 value in the right end bottom?
    Does this mean that Table has been purchased 11 times with all subcategory or Tables has been purchased 11 times only with Supplies?

    Can you please help me to understand this?



    • missdataviz says:

      Hi Sunman.
      Of course. It means that Tables have been purchased with Supplies for 11 orders. It’s not ONLY because these only looks 2 directional, I’d suggest trying market basket analysis in Alteryx or another tool if you’re looking for more directions and combinations.


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