#TableauTipTuesday Week 22 – Using Set Actions as Button Filters

This week I wanted to show you how to create a set action and use them as button filters. I have previously done this in my past 2 #IronViz entries which can be seen here and here Set actions are super powerful and really handy, although Parameter actions are just as cool, if not cooler. … Continue reading #TableauTipTuesday Week 22 – Using Set Actions as Button Filters


#TableauTipTuesday Week 18 – How to Create a Geographic Role for a Non-Geographic Field

I always forget how powerful Tableau is. Last week I remembered a neat little trick on creating custom region fields using your geographic fields already in Tableau.   Also have a look at Roberts post here on the data school blog about this exact tip!   https://youtu.be/3S0Z1VXQnBY